The Pleiades star cluster used to be a guide and compass for seafarers.
For us, it’s a system that navigates interpersonal relationships.


iPleiades video

iPleiades video

The team is as successful as it fulfills its potential

To be successful, the team needs not only good people but also good relationships between them.

1. Do you know what your team really is?
2. Do you know who the informal opinion leader is?
3. Do you know who people trust and why?
4. Does your people’s goal match the business goal?

iPleiades has the answers

What is iPleiades

Unique tool that helps managers to create a successful and effective team. A team which is based on motivated people, mutual trust and a high quality of life.

What can I find out using iPleaides?

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TOP managers in the world spend 80% of their time on managing people.
Simon Synek

There is no success without a functional team

We all have the right for a quality life, at work and at home. That’s why we are responsible for how we feel about the team. The quality of life is determined by the quality of relationships.

At the same time, the right to be satisfied comes with an obligation on us to do something about it.

What I will find out

Personality requirements – How individual team members respond to different stimulations in different situations?

What is the social position of individual members within the team?

Work preferences of team members which are formed by social ties and relationships.

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